Louisa DellabarcaWelcome to my website, a small window into the coaching world and my place within it.

Life is full of the most amazing stories of human achievement. Life is also full of should have, would have, could have type of stories, those stories of all that we could have done with our gifts and skills had things been different/gone our way/turned out better. The stories that all of us tell at one time or another to justify the neglect we have served upon our inner greatness.

The simple fact is that success is a choice — success does not just happen randomly to the fortunate few. Success is carefully planned by those who tune into and are committed to following the drives of their heart. It requires living consciously in all things, choosing well at all times, and learning each day from the smallest of events and applying those lessons again and again. One more thing: success requires a lot of support, which is why successful people—and successful businesses—employ coaches.

Finding a coach, like anything of personal significance, has to be right for the individual or business involved. For that reason these pages are filled with as much information as I have to offer on who I am, and how I can support you or your business on the path towards personal success and fulfilment. I hope you will find everything that you need here and that you enjoy what you read. Also, it goes without saying: I hope I am just who you are looking for.

Happy browsing!

Louisa Dellabarca

PGCert. PGDip. Coaching and Mentoring
Oxford Brookes University